Jun 11, 2010

Something I do for myself...

Every couple of months I set aside some mental quiet time for myself.

Most of the time my life is going a mile a minute. Although I do make sure that I have time to spend with family and friends, it's important to me to make sure that I have time to spend with just myself as well.

I use this time to re-focus, re-energize, and re-evaluate. I find a quiet place where I won't be disturbed and where I can be at total peace. If I have the house to myself, I'll run a bubble bath. If I need to get away, I'll take a drive up the canyon and park on the banks of the reservoir.

There's two things that I make sure to take with me. My Ipod (because music is great for relaxing and re-energizing,) and a notebook or my personal journal.

I spend the time just reflecting over the last few months. I make a few notes and ask myself some important questions:

1. What have I done recently that made me feel happy or proud?

2. How have I grown mentally and emotionally over the last few months?

3. What is important to me and what can I let go of?

4. What can I do now to better prepare me for the future?

5. What or who do I need to value more in my life and how can I do that?

6. Is there anything bothering me and how can I resolve or change that?

After I've done my 'reflecting and evaluating' then I turn my Ipod on and allow myself to just chill. I do what I can to clear my mind of all the mental to do lists and recent activities or stresses. I try to just be in that moment and feel happy and good.

I love love listening to Sia the most during this time. If you haven't heard her, here's one of my favorite clips (and songs) of hers.

I guess it may sound kooky but I have been allowing myself this quiet time for years now and I have found that it really helps me to be a better person. Not only that, but I see my life and the world in such a different light after I've had my time.

My worst fear is that I will one day look back on my life and remember nothing but work, school, and responsibility; that I will have somehow forgotten to appreciate and enjoy my life.

It's important to me to find a balance between working hard for what I want out of life and taking/enjoying the sweetness that life has handed me freely.

If you're struggling to find that balance, maybe try giving yourself some personal time to get centered again. Your personal time doesn't have to be like mine. Do what makes you feel good.




Oh girl I love this!!! I may have to steal your questions and make them my own. I always feel torn in a million directions but perhaps some sincere time to be by myself and really just think about things would be nice. I love it! Thanks for sharing. :)

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