Jun 27, 2010

Changes we didn't even notice...

Last week Andy and I pondered the reason we hadn't been hiking as much at all in the last year. When we were first dating, we went hiking quite a bit. At least once a week we would meet up at a new trail head and have fun exploring it together.


However, the year since we moved in together, the hiking dates had disappeared. Then it dawned on me. Hiking had been an excuse to spend time together. Now that we live together, we don't need excuses anymore. We're always together.

I started thinking about the other things that had changed since I moved in. Andy doesn't get up to meet me at the top of the stairs with a hug and a kiss when I walk in the front door.


I don't fix my makeup and put on a skirt before he walks in the front door.

He doesn't open the car door for me unless we're going on a 'real' date. I don't change into high heels unless we're going on a 'real' date.

There's farting and burping and morning breath and days where we snap at each other.

I don't get butterflies in my stomach when I see I've got a text from him and he doesn't get that goofy grin from ear to ear when I walk in the room.

It's not all sunshine and rainbows at this stage. Then 'newness' of the relationship has long since worn off and we're in that 'comfortable' stage.

But that's okay.


Because there's new things that we didn't have when we were just newly dating.

We talk and communicate better. We understand each other better. We're secure in our relationship and know that we can work through any trials together.

We get to fix dinner together and work in the yard together. We sleep in together on the weekend and read together before going to bed for the night.

I know I don't need skirts and makeup for him to think I'm beautiful. He knows that he doesn't always have to open doors and act like Don Juan for me to think he's amazing.

So things aren't the way they were when we were in those first stages of dating. Things are different....but better.

And what's even better is that we've realized that hiking isn't just an excuse to spend time together. It's something we really enjoy doing together and have now planned to make time for again.

This morning we were back on the trail and it was awesome!

Especially the view...


Oops- I mean this view...



PS- Notice the new wedding date countdown widget I added to the side bar? Yep- the date is official- June 25, 2011!



OMG you set the date! WA HOO!!! Have you already picked a place? How exciting. Well at least now that I know WHEN it is I can make sure to keep my calendar free regardless of what part of the world I'm in. Likely still Vegas but you never know how things will go seeing that's a year away. Ah I love this post. I love how much you two have matured and grown together. It's so wonderful to see such a beautiful relationship grow and develop. You both need to come out to Vegas again sometime so we can hang out. :)


First, congrats on the official date. Now an official countdown is definitely in order!

Second, I love what you wrote here. It's so true and gets the sensation of being in a relationship versus dating.

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