Feb 18, 2010

this weekend

I'm not looking forward to this weekend at all.

But Andy is.

And truthfully, I don't blame him. He's going on a ski/snowboard trip with the guys from work.

This is going to be a great weekend for him. He needs this vacation time. He's been busting his butt with school and work the last couple of weeks and still finding time to wine and dine his girlfriend in the evenings.

He had a lot going on this week and even pulled a 12 hour day at work to get everything completed for his project. It's been busy, hectic and stressful and I'm glad he gets this opportunity to go chillax and have a little guy time.

While I'm happy for him. I'm sad for me. This little trip means I won't get my 'Andy fix' for three whole days!! This seems almost unbearable after all the attention he's been showering me with. I mean, he spoils me constantly! Now I have to go the weekend without him.

It sounds silly, but I really don't like it when Andy's not around. I can't get enough of his company and I want to be with him all the time. So this weekend might be a bit of a challenge for me.

If I didn't have to work, I'd haul my butt up to Logan and beg some attention (and food) off of our parents. I'd just skip back and forth between my mom's and Andy's parents house and have a grand old time. But I guess working this weekend won't be so bad. It'll give me something to do and before I know it, Sunday will be here and Andy will be back.

I guess Henry's in for some serious snuggle time this weekend. He's my back up man. My filler man, you know. And he does a pretty good job at keeping me company when my main man is gone. But still, it's just not the same.

xoxo- Kimberly


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