Feb 9, 2010

before and after

Aren't haircuts awesome? For a few short days after, you feel like a million bucks. I don't trust anyone with my hair but my sisters. I was excited that we were all getting together on Saturday so I could coerce one of them into giving me a new do!

Here we all are at lunch.

Afterward, we stopped and picked up the necessary supplies and headed back to my moms house to get to work. Remember this picture?

That was my inspiration picture. I was going with bangs.

Except I chickened out. Just as Linds was raising the scissors, I gasped "I can't do it!"

"I thought you had decided!" my mom said.

I'd already spent twenty minutes going back and forth and had finally said "Okay, let's do it. Give me bangs."

But now, I was just a wee bit scared.

"Oh come on! Don't be a baby. Just do it. Your hair grows fast anyway." Lindsey sighed in exasperation.

I don't know what my problem is. I've never been frightened to do anything with my hair before.

I didn't blink an eye when I dyed it hot pink, and it didn't phase me when I cut it short and spiked the back, nor when I streaked it with purple and teal highlights.

picture circa 'back in the day'

But now, the simple act of cutting me some bangs had me shaking in my boots!!

I guess I'm just not as gutsy as I have been in the past.

But in the end, I realized, that I still have my nerve, I'm just a bit more mature about how I use it now. So we decided to compromise. I got swoopy bangs instead of the blunt bangs.

Before and after time?







What do you think? I kinda like my hair this dark. I think it suits me. Now, the practical thing would be to keep it brown and add blond highlights to hide my gray, but who gives a hoot!! I like the dark hair and I don't care if I have to get it touched up more often to accommodate the gray.

But that's just my nerve talking.




I love the color!! I think your hair looks great! The bangs are super cute too. Oh I did like the pink hair from before too :) You are so lucky you can trust your sisters. I have to do something with mine before the wedding but I am too scared to know where to go and what to do.... guess I'll have to figure something out by March 23rd. I just hope for Heather's sake it doesn't look like crap! At least we know yours won't! =)


I LOVE IT. I love the color, I love the bangs. Love it from top to bottom!

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