Feb 18, 2010

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Oh gosh. I just love flowers!! This is one of the reasons that I hate living in Utah. Because I can't look out my window every. single. day. of the year and see flowers. It's so depressing! But Spring is coming. I can feel it. It has to come or I'll go crazy!

We have lofty goals for our yard this year. Hopefully, we'll get to all of them. Those goals include a garden four times the size of the little box gardens we had last year (to be mostly manned by Andrew) and lots and lots of new flowers (to be manned by me- under Andrew's supervision, of course, so I don't kill anything.)

Currently we have a few varities of Lilies, Coneflower, Daisies, Snapdragons, and one lone Peony, as well as some Hostas, Iris's and Holyhock's gifted by Andy's parents.

So what am I dying to have in the yard this year?

More Hostas!! I love Hostas- they're green, ya know.

Dahlia's- I discovered these beauties last year on one of our bike rides and now Andy can't get me to shut up about them!

Sunflowers- I want tall sunflowers running along the fence in the backyard to frame the side of the garden.

Columbine- my grandmother had Columbine in her backyard and I always loved them. As kids we pretended they were fairy food and would bite off the ends and suck out the sweet liquid inside.

Black Eyed Susan- truly a favorite- they're so bright and happy

Bleeding Heart- I've always loved these and they add such a pretty color to a shaded area.

That's what is at the top of my list right now. Of course there are several more that I'd love to try, but Andy and I have to find a home with a couple of acres first to accommodate it all!

xoxo- Kimberly

ps- I survived Andy being gone last night by turning it into the perfect 'me' night. First, I played a little Super Mario Bros. on my laptop, then I gave myself a pedicure in the bathroom that I've now claimed as the 'girlie spa bathroom.'

I followed that up with a little solo crossword action and a Lord of the Rings marathon accompanied by some Ramen Noodle, a Smirnoff Mango something or other, and a couple of hairy beasts snuggling up against me on the bed.

Yeah, I slept pretty good.



Kim! I am super into gardening too. My front room is painted a very avocado green to help me through the winter blahs.

I'll tell you, we have mostly shade, and we are lovin' the hostas too. Even better, every few years they grow big enough to split, and then you have twice as many.

We really like to get our veggie seeds from Anderson's in Logan. If you haven't been in there, you should give it a try next time you are up. They are super helpful about knowing details on all the varieties they carry, and it's kinda fun to come home with a bag full of little seed packets. I look forward to more posts from your gardening adventures. Wishing you the best.


Thanks for the tip! We'll have to check out Anderson's next time we're up.


Dude your evening sounds like perfection! I love the gardening ideas too. I can't wait to get into a home somewhere that we'll be long term so I can make a massive garden. HA HA HA!!! I totally sent you a box too. You should get it within the next few days. :)

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