Jul 28, 2010

What's in my Reader? Let's Share Favorites.

Currently I subscribe to 163 blogs. I try to keep it on the light side, you know, and only subscribe to the blogs that I actually read and comment on. Yes, I do actually read and comment on all 163 of those blogs.

Not every day, mind you, but I do try to visit each blog no less than once per week but typically check in on each of them two to three times per week. So essentially, I'm scrolling through my Google Reader every day.

How do I find the time? I don't know. I just do. When you enjoy something, you find time for it. And I enjoy reading....reading blogs.

How organized do you think my Google Reader is? If you know me at all, then you know it's immaculate. Every blog is safely tucked into a folder based on the type of content on the blog.

Currently I have 9 folders in which to arrange the blogs I read. They are as follows:

Archives: 6 blogs
Librarians: 23 blogs
Fashion: 6 blogs

Finance: 32 blogs
Food: 1 blog (guess I need to beef that one up)
Design: 16 blogs
Checking It Out (blogs that I'm new to): 8 blogs
Personal Blogs: 8 blogs
Wedding Blogs: 22 blogs

Yes, I'm a nerd. I like reading finance blogs. Oh, you thought the librarian blogs made me a nerd? Nah. Just the finance blogs. This list doesn't include the blogs I 'follow' either. Now I don't think that's too many and I'm always on the lookout for other interesting reads.

I thought it was high time I shared a couple of my favorites with you:

Style Files

Inspired By This

My Daily Style

Coffee Jitters

Finance: Girl With The Red Balloon

So there's just a few of my favorite reads. I'd love to hear what your favorite reads are!



The Girly Tomboy

That's a lot of blogging librarians! ;)

I love following a lot of blogs too, so it's really hard to pick favorites. I love them all!!!

Shining 2 Save

Hi! I am a new follower from Thirsty Thursdays. I look forward to reading your blog.

Please stop by my blog when you have a chance, I would love for you to enter my giveaways and follow me back.

Have a great day.

Kari @ http://shining2save.com

Ron Cooper


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