Jul 24, 2010

Take two...I'm Versatile!

So I was hopping between writing my last blog post and reading blogs and found that Nicole over at That's Life had given me an award as well! Two awards in one week. I must be super special.

Nicole gave me the Versatile Award which I think is very fitting because I never stick to just one subject. My posts are a mix of all the random things I love or get curious about. Versatile is right.

This means another 7 random things about me. I'm not sure I'm that random but I'll try.

1. When I was five I slipped down a gravel rock pile. There was a rusty pitch fork at the bottom of the rock pile which my leg ran right into. One of the prongs of the pitch fork was embedded in my leg down by my ankle. It took my dad and two other people to yank me off of it. I had the scar for years but it finally faded away sometime in high school.

2. When I was little I loved Sesame Street. My mom tells me that even though I couldn't tell the time on a clock, somehow I always knew when it was time for Sesame Street. I would bring my blanket to her and ask her to turn on the television for me so I could watch it.

3. I have bad memories associated with the color purple.

4. I can't eat shrimp. It gives me the hee bee gee bees and makes me gag.

5. My sisters and I used to take gymnastics at a really small gym. It was called the Flip Flop Shop. It was so small that the long tumbling track took up the entire length of the room. If we wanted to do more than three back hand springs in a row, we had to open the front door and go out into the middle of the street to get enough of a running start.

6. I still have all of my Barbies and all of their accessories. Clothing for barbies was expensive so we used to sew our own and then my sisters and I would hold Barbie 'fashion shows' to show off what we came up with.

7. I have twin older brothers. Michael and Matthew. Matthew died just after he was born and Michael died at age two. When I was a baby, Michael and I used to share a Ragedy Ann blanket that my mom made us. I still have it today and I will never throw it out.

That was a lot of random thoughts to come up with in one day! Thanks for reading. I'll have to give it some thought on who I want to pass these on to. Then I'll let you know.



Kellie Collis

I too adore barbies!!

Thanks for coming by Ada & Darcy this week. Hope you are having a delightful weekend! Kellie xx


Ok you are totally special and you crack me up with the shrimp comment. HILARIOUS! :)

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