Jul 8, 2010

Kitchen Progress-Part Two

Before I dive into round two of the kitchen redo, can we pause for a minute? I just have to share Nellie's new born pictures with you.

They were taken by the very talented
Jessie O'Neil, who also took Jen and Clay's wedding pictures.


I am dying, they are so flippin' cute!
Anyway, back to our kitchen...

The next step was to install the new cabinets that we had purchased. The cabinets we ended up with were probably not what we would have chosen if this was going to end up being our dream kitchen. But we were on a budget and we found them used and still in fairly good condition.

Our main goal was to just make the space look much better than what it was before. And honestly, anything was better than what we had before.

I don't have any shots of the old cabinets up on the wall but you can kind of see them sitting there on the floor in this next shot:


Dark ugly 1970's look with blue formica countertops. Yuck! None of the cabinets were tall enough to hold a box of cereal. Major annoyance.

Plus, this 'island' was in the wierdest spot ever and was the complete opposite of functional. It had to go.


Andy's dad was nice enough to take all of the cabinets to his shop and refinish them for us. He also made any adjustments or repairs that they needed and added finishing trim.

Then he came back and helped Andy install them. They really do look all shiny and gorgeous!


You can see in these pictures how Andy chose an 'L' pattern with the new cabinets/countertops and then later ripped out the old ridiculous 'island.'


This was quite the process as we had purchased these cabinets used and they were not custom made to fit in our kitchen.

Andy and his dad had to make a few alterations in order to get everything to fit just right and look like they were, in fact, made for our space.


So with the cabinets in, the next step was to install countertops. I'll save that for tomorrow because it deserves it's own post.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour!!




I can't wait to see the countertops!

Those baby pics were awesome.


I just showed my husband your concrete counters (which he LOVED btw!) and he goes "What an AWESOME blog name!" and I'm like "What's it from?" and he goes "Family Guy when Peter's leaving candy up the stairs to the box for James Woods". Is that really what it is from!?


Jen- Thanks! Haha- yeah, the name is from Family Guy. My boyfriend always goes around saying "ooh! piece of candy!" just to be silly and it always makes me laugh. I wanted a name that reflected both of us even though I'm the only one posting. This just fit perfectly!

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