Jul 24, 2010

Lovely Blog

I had to thank Katie from Ryan and Katie's Awesome Blog for giving me this award yesterday!

Thanks Katie! I love reading your blog. It always makes me smile :)

Now I'm supposed to share 7 things about myself.

1. Andy and I like to watch cooking shows on Saturday morning and then try the recipes later.

2. I have a crease on my forehead between my eyes that I hate. I'm secretly obsessed with using anti wrinkle cream every night to try to get it to go away. I don't think it ever will.

3. I collect children's books.

4. I get most of my inspiration from Heather, my friend from college. I admire her positive attitude, ability to make friends with everyone, and her hard work ethic.

5. I love Starbuck's Classic Coffee Cake.

6. When I first came to college I was a botany major. I wanted to work for the forest service.

7. Someday I want to own a couple of acres with chickens and a peacock. Yes, I said peacock.




I have a huge children's book collection too! I have the books that get used at school and the ones that don't get used at school because they are either signed or I'm too picky and don't want them destroyed!

I noticed you are going to work on your library degree. I am almost finished with my school media specialist endorsement (cert. test) and then I just hope someday there will be a job opening!


Oh you're the bomb! I so remember those botany days. Back when that crazy dude threw your plant of the balcony... WOW! What were we thinking? HA HA HA! :)

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