Oct 9, 2009

No more soggy feet!

I just bought these:

Last winter on campus was miserable. Wet socks, soggy pant legs, and cold feet are not fun. I was not about to put up with that this year, so I set out to find a pair of boots that I could wear with my every day clothes and save my feet from hypothermia.

I found these online. They were on sale, (!!) so there were only a few sizes left. I hope what I ordered, fits me.

I'm excited to try them out, but not excited enough to wish for an early rain or snow. So these babies will wait in what Andy calls my "Shoe Cave."

The Shoe Cave is actually extra storage under the stairs devoted entirely to my shoes and purses.

Yes, I have that many. Yes, it's ridiculous. Yes, the shoe and purse addiction will continue.


Heather (aka Moto)

RAD! They are super cute!!! You'll have to take a pic with them on once it snows! :) Oh and I LOVE that you have a shoe cave!!!! Such a good idea. I wish we had that kind of space hanging around. I might have to clear some area somewhere. HA HA HA!!!


Ha! Love the Shoe Cave. My collection is approaching Shoe Cave status. When I'm moving into my new house, I'll have have to keep that in mind.


Oooh, I love those! I'm such a sucker for boots with plaid, or anything that has the same colors as Burberry :)

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