Oct 13, 2009


just got the news
my younger sister is going to have a baby

she hasn't told anyone yet
other than mom and i

i'm so extremely happy for her & her husband
and excited to be an aunt for the first time

i'm excited for my mom to have
her first grand baby

so why do i feel this tiny
pang of jealousy?

i know i'm in the right place in my life
i know it's not my time
to be married or have babies

it's hard coming out of a divorce
and feeling like you have to start all over again

in a way, i'm glad it's not my time
but sometimes i wish it was



Very touching piece. Sometimes I wish it were my time as well...but then I'm glad it's not

Krystyna Lizabeth.

that is so exciting for your sister and your family.
i think we all wish it we're our time at certain points in life. but keep your head high girl and find the joy in the things you have now.
it will be our time when its right and we want those people to be there for us :)

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