Oct 4, 2009


i always begin with such good intentions
to stay on top of things
to stay ahead of the game
but it slowly starts to slip away from me
suddenly everything is piling up and up and up
i have to run to keep up with every day life
deadlines, projects, assignments
i want to succeed
i want to be an over achiever
i want to be the best i can be
but there never seems to be enough time in the day for that


Just Playing Pretend

Yes. Yes. Yes.

I completely agree. Holy crap I agree!


I wish I could say that changes as you get older, but that would be a lie. I find goals help me even though my life goal lists just keep getting longer. :)


Rome wasn't built in a day...you'll be fine.

Krystyna Lizabeth.

there is never enough time to finish anything.
but we all find someway to get the important things done.
and always find time to smile and laugh :)

Rose Red

Sounds like me!

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