Oct 12, 2009


boy was i in a slump this weekend
what a bad weekend for the bf to have a birthday

not only was i in a slump
but i had mandatory training
for job 3 the night of his big day

he was annoyed
i was frustrated

i took him to breakfast
and then i had to jet off to work

what have i gotten myself into?
a weekend job that will take me away
from family and friends
but will give me that extra
income i so desperately need

why is life so not fair!


Krystyna Lizabeth.

sometimes it takes alot of work to get the end result.
and if the money you need is worth the time away from the family and friends then the end result will give you happiness.
i feel the same way about work and school. i miss out on alot because of it but all with the hope that it will pay off in the end :)

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