Oct 6, 2009


my life is so strange right now

imagine not seeing your exhusband for two years

and then all of a sudden seeing him everywhere you go

today i saw him

he talked to me

totally awkward

a death in the family forced us

to reconnect last month

i have done nothing to further that continuation

although i did tell him that i felt

enough time had gone by that

i could put aside my bad feelings toward him

and be civil

now it seems as if he's putting

himself in my path

everywhere i go

i'm not sure why

he knows i'm dating someone

i am wondering if he's trying to get up

the confidence to bring things up to me

to talk about things

in an effort to clear his conscience

in any case

very strange

i'm not sure how to feel about it


Just Playing Pretend

I'm not sure how I feel about it for you. Good luck girl and if it needs be... tell him what's what.

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