Oct 22, 2009


i have a sandwich problem
i continually make the same mistakes
when it comes to sandwiches

mistake #1:

i really like cucumbers
but for some reason, every time i get them on my sandwich
i don't like it and i think 'next time, no cucumbers'
but next time comes and i order cucumbers
sometimes i even have a little argument with myself
and then still end up ordering cucumbers

mistake #2:
my eyes are always bigger than my stomach

typically by the time i get around to eating,
i'm starving.....famished....
about to kill over from lack of nourishment

so i convince myself that i can eat a whole
(or a foot long if i'm at Subway)

every single time i make it through half the sandwich
only to realize what a fool i was to order a whole

mistake #3:

i always justify ordering a whole or a foot long
based on the fact that i will just save the rest
and eat it for lunch the next day

never happens
we all know why
by the time tomorrow comes
your sandwich is soggy

so instead of getting two lunches out of one
i end up wasting half of my lunch
and going hungry the next day

or spending more money
on another foot long sandwich
with cucumbers


Krystyna Lizabeth.

lol i do the exact same thing every time!
but it is a five dollar footlong.
five dollar.
how can you resist that extra six inches?


haha- I know!!

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