Sep 16, 2010

Tip of a pencil

Last night was rough. I barely made it through to the end of the night. I was tired and cranky and after a night of not enough sleep, that mood carried over to this morning.

Andy has a habit of choosing (what I think are) really annoying alarms to wake up to on his cell phone. To me, they're about as enjoyable as fingernails on a chalkboard and not very pleasant to wake up to. Boy did I really let my annoyance show this morning when I threatened to sleep in the guest room from now on if he didn't find a normal alarm.

Yeah, not the most positive way for me to start my morning. I'd kind of like to go back and try that again cause now I feel guilty and even more like crap.

That's kind of how this week has been going though. I feel like I'm balancing on the tip of a finely sharpened pencil. I'm just hoping I can stay on til Friday.

Speaking of pencils, these miniature works of art created from the tip of pencils have me completely amazed! They're the creative genius of Dalton Ghetti who has been carving pencils for over 25 years.





Pretty cool huh? Read more about them here and here.

I need to go home now. Get back in bed. Rewind five hours and try again.




I'm the one with the annoying alarms in our house. I have to have 2 that go off at different times to even get up. It drives my husband crazy. Luckily, he sleeps through them most mornings.
Thos pencils are amazing, I think I saw those somewhere else recently.


OOO talk about a serious craft. I don't think I could even attempt something like that. So cool! As for crappy alarm choices tell Andy to pick something less annoying. HA HA HA! I wake up to the radio but Joe doesn't even think he'd wake up to that so his beeps and beeps... It used to be a rooster though. That was strange. HA HA HA!!! Love ya!

Ella Unread

OMG! That's amazing!!! I am speechless, I feel like I wish I could do something like that but there's no way I can...sigh...A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

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