Sep 15, 2010

I can't resist

"Sometimes it's so hard to love art so much and not have a single artistic bone in your body." That's what my art history professor said to us on our first day of class this semester and I couldn't agree more!!

I suppose you could consider me somewhat of an artist, although my talents have always been in the performing arts-dance area, but I find myself wishing more often then not, that I could draw, paint, do graphic design or something of the sort. I spend so much time studying art, looking at art, and admiring art that it seems only natural to wish that I could create it myself.

Andy and his brothers are all artistically talented. I've seen some of the things they've done and I was pretty impressed. About a year ago, Andy bought some art supplies so that he could take it up again, but to this day they are still sitting in the closet unopened. Every time I see them, I wish I had the ability to put them to use and create something awesome to hang in our home.

But since I can't draw worth a lick, I can still admire the work of others. I've slowly begun a small art collection by grabbing a few things I like off of Etsy and I'd like to continue expanding that collection. There's so many great pieces out there!

I thought I'd just feature a couple of my favorites for now:

Snowy Owl by Alberto Cerriteno

Gorgeous, isn't it? Always a sucker for the owls.

Rock and Roll by Dirk Fowler

I love that it's called 'Rock and Roll.' Don't the wheels look like records?

Pistachio Ice Cream by Vanessa Tran

I'm not sure what it is about that print, but I keep coming back to it.

Bonnie by Caia Koopman

And I love when I find something that not only appeals to my eye but that I can relate to. I love that this piece reminds me of myself.

It's almost all I can do to keep from snatching up every piece of art that I come across and love. I have to practice some serious self control!

Are you an art lover or is there something else you can't resist?




I can't resist letterpress designs. My dream as a graphic designer is to someday do letterpress wedding invites. Oh man. Dream come true right there.

But I can relate to admiring others' talents. I'm a graphic designer, but more of a technical writer, so I always admire the graphic designers that are amazing fine artists as well. I wish so badly that I could draw and paint. And I LOVE finding pretty art finds on etsy. Stupid etsy. Sucking up all my time.


Yes, yes to letterpress! I'm so jealous that you have graphic design knowledge. I think I might sell my first born to have that!


Don't sell your first born!!! HA HA HA!!! I think the things I can't resist are personal growth books, food, cats and giant pandas. Seriously an odd assortment of things but one day I'll put it all to good use. HA HA HA!!!

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