Sep 10, 2010

I may have to give in soon

Toms. I love them. I have wanted a pair for. like. ever. But I keep refraining from buying any because I'm a little worried. It could turn in to a serious addiction. One pair could turn in to two, and then in to three, and then four, until eventually they'll be spilling out of my shoe cave in masses. I mean, have you seen all the cute choices? And don't they look super comfy?

Not to mentioned that
for every pair of shoes they sell, they donate a pair to a child in Argentina. Awesome!

Some of my favorites:


Now I don't typically care for wedges but these are super cute!


And look at the baby Toms. Aren't they just adorable?


I saw a girl on campus wearing some the other day and I accosted her and made her tell me how comfortable they were. She confirmed my fears when she said, "Don't buy any. You'll never stop. Seriously." And I believe her.

But if someone gives them to me (*hint hint) then I certainly can't be to blame, right? You see, I can be sneaky about this. Christmas is coming up and I'm predicting comfy Toms on my feet for the new year.




Dude. Don't do it. Because...I did. I now have five pairs. FIVE! Completely out of control. I have the olive green, gold sparkles, teal, aztec looking ones you posted up there, and mustard corduroy. I love LOVE them all. So basically, you really should get some. But proceed with caution. :)

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