Sep 13, 2010

Before and After

We had such a fantastic (and tiring) weekend. Of course, I carried my camera around the entire time but didn't manage to take any pictures. We went to Peach Days and checked out the car show and then headed up to Hyde Park so Andy could work on his car at his dad's shop. I stayed with his mom and she helped me make salsa with the tomatoes and peppers from our garden.

The car project took so long that we ended up staying over night. We came home with a really awesome looking squash that I'll have to take a picture of to show you. Andy's dad also loaded me up with some more flowers for our yard. I managed to get some of them planted last night and I'll have to do the rest tonight.

We're exhausted after such a busy weekend but Monday is here so I guess we can't rest now! Just had to share this before and after with you before I plunge into all the work I have to get done today.



Now that is an amazing transformation! Read more about it here.


ps- Happy Monday. It's darker when I get up in the mornings now. I don't like that one bit!



That's such a huge transformation!


As you can see I'm clearly getting caught up on what's been going on in your life. Love the new blog design and love that you were able to hang out with Andy's family. Psyched for the wedding still!!! WOOO!!! Seriously sad we don't live closer so I could sneak over for some of your homemade salsa. MMMM!!! Miss you terribly. One day we need to live closer again. :)

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