Jun 12, 2009


Ash got bored with all the rainy weather and dull days. She decided to amuse herself by ripping down the net fence around the garden. Then she walked through every inch of it destroying anything in her path. I'm sure it was great fun for her, but it made me cry.

Somethings also been munching on our plants and killing some of them. Andy investigated the other night and came back in to report that the culprets were none other than disgusting slugs. Yuck!

Then, to top it all off....Mauney puked on the carpet this morning right in front of us. Scrubbing puke out of carpet is the worst way to start your day.

I hope the rain goes away soon because it's sure put me in a sad state of blues and it's making the animals go stir crazy, which is making us all go crazy.


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