Jun 15, 2009

Despite the rain...

Andy and I managed to get some fun in this weekend even in spite of the rainy weather. Saturday morning we went to Salt Lake to check out the farmer's market.

We loved it! It is held at Pioneer Park and features fresh produce and homemade goods from local farmers and artists. There were so many vendors and tons of food to taste test.

One thing we tried was fresh marinated veggies on top of a slice of wheat bread covered in pesto sauce. It was amazing. We also tried a fruit tart that was delicious! We ended up purchasing some asiago cheese bread with some tomatillos and cilantro dipping sauce to go along with it.

After the market we stopped at the library and then went over to Whole Food's. A while back we had gone to dinner with some of Andy's coworkers at Rickenbacker's. I had the pistachio crusted salmon over butternut squash ravioli.

The ravioli was so good that we have been searching for some ever since that night. We haven't been able to find any in the local grocery stores so Andy thought Whole Food's would be our best bet. Sure enough- we found some. Now we can't wait to try it out!

On Sunday we took Ash for a hike.

She loved it. She would run ahead on the trail and then come racing back to make sure we were still following her. She even splashed around in the water a bit.

It is one of my favorite hikes; shady and absolutely gorgeous!

Overall a great end to the weekend. I sure was feeling sad about it being over and having to go back to work the next day


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