Jun 1, 2009

Typical night at home...

So yesterday evening I pull up to the house just as Andy is backing out of the driveway. I start walking toward the door with my arms full of groceries when I hear a honk. Andy yells out the window "Don't go in the house!"


"Just don't!"

Apparantly minutes before I arrived, Andy unknowingly tracked dog doo doo all over the house. One of Ash's less appealing qualities is the size and consistency of her poo. Yuck!!

"I have to put the groceries away." I protested.

"Well, just come with me first."

Andy was on a mission to find the one thing that's been holding him back from organzing the garage. A tool box. He found one on KSL for a decent price so we went to look for it. And.....he bought it. Now, hopefully the garage will find some order.

Okay, I wouldn't consider myself a neat freak. Rather, I'm severely anti-clutter. It makes me anxious and stressed to have clutter around the house. I like everything to have a place. And not just any place, a place that makes sense to the overall function of the household.

One of my favorite past times is organizing things. I know...I'm wierd. But I really enjoy putting things in order and making everything look tidy and presentable. There's something about a clean and orderly house that makes me feel really proud. Like it's a reflection of my character or my ability to run a house.

So living with two guys has been quite a challenge for me. I'm learning a lot of patience, haha!! I try to leave messes that I didn't make right where they are and just let it be. But sometimes, the anxiousness gets the better of me and I can't help but put things 'away.' Sometimes there's a little (ahem) confusion on where 'away' is. But I think we're all learning to adapt pretty well.
But anyway..back to last night.

After coming home with the new tool chest, we resigned to the fact that we couldn't get on with dinner or relaxing on the couch until all the doggy poo was cleaned up from all over the house.

So Andy and I set to work with a bucket and rags. There was poo tracked from the kitchen, down the hall into the bathroom and then down the stairs into the bedroom. I laughed a little but I don't think Andy was amused.

After the crisis had been taken care of, we decided it was time for dinner. The only thing ready to go from our garden was the spinach so we cut a few leaves off. Andy made a scrumptious spinach salad complete with almond slivers, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese and raspberry vinagrette.

I tried a recipe I saw in a magazine. I made tin foil dinners with chicken breasts, pineapple rings, green pepper slices and barbeque sauce. It wasn't a masterpiece but we got full off of it.

We had a free Redbox rental so we picked up Adam Sandler's latest movie, "You Don't Mess With The Zohan" while we were out getting the tool chest. Pretty funny. I'm an action movie lover and Andy really likes comedies, so we get a good mix of both and I'm learning to laugh at the lameness that is Adam Sandler.

It was one of those nights where you look back on it and realize that you wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else. Even if someone had offered you tickets to the Bahama's. Sometimes home is just too nice to be anywhere else.


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