Jun 3, 2009

My ride...

I drive a Ford Escort. It's white. I want a wagon. I don't care what kind...Subaru, Saturn, Audi. Andy prefers I have an Audi and that's just fine with me. I want to haul my dog around like a real granola.

(I'm not a granola. I don't have a bike rack or a ski rack. And I don't have Save The Whales bumper stickers. I just pretend.)

But for now, it's me and the Escort. We've had a happy life together for the most part. But in some ways, she just wasn't cutting it.

The cup holders for instance.
Inadequate to say the least. However, I never paid much attention to them. I've spilled approximately 31 drinks in that car.....and cleaned up maybe 8 of them. It'll dry on it's own, right?

Somehow that obsession with cleanliness and no clutter I have doesn't apply to my car. Nor does it apply to my purses.

How does this spillage occur? Well...every time I take a corner my drink goes flying, soaking my pant leg, the dash, the floor, middle console and sometimes even the ceiling.

I'm not a maniac when I drive. I just believe in being firm and confident in my turning manuevers.

One fine day, the lucky girl that I am, was being treated to a full interior detail of my car by Andy. Things were going wonderfully until he lifted up the car mats and saw brown carpet rather than gray.

I have an explanation for that!! I swear! Usually when I spill said drinks, I'm on my way to somewhere very important..like Target....or Barnes and Noble. No time to clean!

So Andy went back to scrubbing and I braced myself for what I knew was coming. The shame of my cup holders.

Then it happened. Andy tried to rescue the spare change that had accumulated in each cup holder and found it stuck tight in the sticky goop that once used to be my beverage of choice.

I knew it was there. I'd been avoiding it, hoping it would go away or evaporate or something. No such luck.

It took Andy quite some time to scrub the remains of my Dr. Pepper and Latte infatuation from every inch of the car. But when he was done...the Escort was sparklin!

Needless to say...a couple weeks later he surprised me by replacing my cup holders with delux, super duper deep cup holders!

I haven't spilled a drink yet!


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