Nov 8, 2009

Hanging with the boys

I love it when the Lynne boys get together and let me tag along with them. I like to listen to them joke and talk with each other. It's very different from what I'm used to. I'm used to a house full of girls and 'girl' talk.

Jen, Linds, and I talk about hair, and shoes, and shopping, and dancing. Corey, Andy and Brett talk about cars and engines and cars. They quote movies and shows a lot too. Oh yeah- and Corey talks about girls. Listening to them is pure entertainment for me.

I keep telling Andy that he'll see a whole different side of me when Lindsey is finally home and we all get together. My sisters make me really happy. It's a lot of fun when we all get together. Jen, Lindsey and I like to see if we can gang up together and get my mom laughing. Dinner is the best time for this. It's even better if we have guests. As we're sitting around the dinner table the three of us start eyeing each other. When I look over at Jen and see that little devious grin, I know it's on.

My mom raised us to be super polite. "Please, Thank You, Excuse Me, Can I Help You?" etc. So right about the time that our peaceful dinner is getting started, Jen (usually the ring leader in these little plans) will let the loudest belch rip. And my mom will gasp "Jen!!" Then Linds and I will start giggling and my mom will give us the eye that says "Oh, no you don't!"

That's our cue. Each of us will let out of belch of our own and my mom will say "Lindsey!! Kimberly!! Shame on you!" But we can see she knows what's up and the corners of her mouth will start to turn up into a grin.

She tries with all her might to keep it in and be the polite example, but me, Jen and Lindsey would be giggling out loud by now and one of us will say "Come on mom, your turn." and try to egg her on. I only remember one time that she actually did try to outdo us and it was hilarious. But we were alone that time- no guests. She usually manages to compose herself and then the rest of us try to act like ladies for the rest of the dinner so she won't be too upset with us.

My mom definitely instilled manners in us, but sometimes even girls have to let loose and have a little fun.

So back to the boys, Brett came down last night and we all went to Cam's 30th surprise birthday party. As a side note, it's kinda fun when we go to stuff like that because someone will invariably come up to me and say "I know you from somewhere- did you go to Sky View?" Sometimes I forget that Andy and I have so many ties to each other. With all those connections it seems totally bazaar that we never crossed paths earlier in life.

Anyway- this morning the boys and I went to Sill's for breakfast. We sat there with our coffee and scones and chatted. I was again getting my kicks out of listening to them talk. A little snippit of the conversation:

Andy- "I should have ordered a mini omelet. This is too much food"

Corey- "What? You must be a lightweight!"

Andy- "My man boobs disagree with you."

He he he.

I guess I like being around all three of them so much because it reminds me of the close relationship that I have with Jen and Linds and I'm glad Andy has that with Brett and Corey.


Heather (aka Moto)

Man boobs. HILARIOUS! It sounds like such a great time. :) Enjoy those moments. That's the stuff that makes life worth living.

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