Nov 11, 2009


just found out that i got a 95/100
on an essay exam that i was sure i bombed
doesn't news like that just make your day?

also, i decided to let the issue from my last post, go
i realized that i had let it get to me so much
that i was starting to be very hostile towards the bf

so last night i came home, put it all aside
and went back my normal behavior
it felt good not to be angry anymore
and to be affectionate towards the boyfriend

surprisingly, it worked
not two seconds after i had snuggled myself in bed
he was right there beside me


Krystyna Lizabeth.

yay! i am glad that everything worked out.

and i love the feeling of doing well on a test. it is amazing :)
nothing can bring me down after doing great on a test. i feel undefeated, invincible, and wonderful. everything i worked on and studied comes down to that moment to prove yourself. success is sweet!


I'm glad you got a great grade and that the BF decided to join you at bedtime. What a great combination!

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