Nov 24, 2009


My confession?

Candied yams are my favorite part of Thanksgiving. Lots of people don't care for yams, but I love them. I like mine with butter and brown sugar. Marshmallows? Eww! Just butter and brown sugar and I'll love you forever.

This year, we'll be spending the day at my mom's house. I'm pretty excited about this because my mom is an amazing cook and I fully intend on eating to my hearts content, and then crashing on the couch in a sweet, sweet Thanksgiving coma.

I realized the other day that although I may be frustrated about how slow things in my life seem to be moving, I do have a lot to be thankful for. My life, in general, is pretty damn good right now.

What am I thankful for this morning?

My new windshield cover!!

I love this thing!! It was $11 and it works like a charm. I never have to scrape my windshield in the morning, which means that I get to sleep in an extra ten minutes.

Pure heaven. Go get one. Seriously- you'll thank me.


Complicated Kitten

The yams sound so yummy!!!

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