Nov 17, 2009


when i read other blogs it does one of two things to me

it either makes me feel bad about myself
or it inspires me

sometimes i wish i was more creative
and seeing creative creations on other blogs makes me feel inadequate
and then i quite writing
because i don't think i have anything quite as witty to say as other bloggers

but sometimes other blogs inspire me to think, explore, create new things
and i just do it, even it if ends up being a big fail

lately i've been feeling very uncreative and lame
hence-no writing

i guess everyone goes through that
but i need it to stop
because this blogging community is freaking awesome
and i want to be an active part of it

i know it's going to take some time for me to get my mojo
so just bear with me as i stumble through some lame and awkward posts
on my way to blogging success

even if i don't always write or comment
i am inspired daily by what i read
and that is a wonderful thing

Kim at A Perfectly Cursed Life inspires me to push my way through life's little struggles; to get back up and dust myself on and never give up when things get rough. For that, I am very grateful.

Ashley at Our Little Apartment reminds me daily to never take for granted the little things and to enjoy everything that life has to offer.

My fashion inspiration comes from Elaine at Clothed Much and Tiffany at I am Style-ish.

And I get friendship and great advice from a gal I don't even know but always takes the time to comment on my lame posts...Krystyna at Everything Happens For A Reason.

Thank you all.



I find myself inspired by other bloggers all of the is a beautiful thing!

Complicated Kitten

Please don't feel bad ever about your blog. This is your place to just vent or spill your guts out to the world, to share in your thoughts, and life! My life has been crazy so I don't get around like I wish I could to read and comment.

Krystyna Lizabeth.

you come to my blog for advice? haha. i am just trying to figure out things for myself :) im asking ya'll for advice.
and your words inspire me everyday. and although i don't make it to your blog everyday i comment to let you know i'm here!
don't you just love the blog world?
seriously. its only something bloggers can understand.


Sweetie...inspiration comes in ALL forms. It can be something you feel...see or want. Don't give up on your words...they WILL come to you.

almost loved

I find that I'm not inspired to write when I'm happy. So I guess it's a bad thing if I'm blogging more often.

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