Nov 11, 2009

11/11- Not just Veteran's Day

Today is my mom's birthday!!

I won't tell you how old she is cause she'd probably kill me- but I will tell you that she looks ten years younger than her age. My mom ages so well. I hope that's a trait I end up inheriting from her. It would only be fair, considering I had to get the short end of the straw and inherit my dad's gray hair. He was completely gray-haired by the age of 30 and I am quickly following in his footsteps. Thank goodness for sisters and hair dye!

Anyway, back to my mom. She's fabulous! She's spending her birthday getting the house ready for Lindsey to come home tomorrow night. But later today she should be getting a little surprise at the door!! Shh! Don't tell!

And tomorrow night we're all picking Lindsey up at the airport and then heading to dinner with the grandparents to celebrate my mom's birthday and Lindsey's homecoming. I'm super excited to give my mom what my sisters and I got her!! I'm pretty sure she's going to be beyond ecstatic! I can't wait!

PS- Ash just caught a fly out of mid air and ate it. Now, that's talent.


Heather (aka Moto)

Ok you are seriously hilarious. I LOVE reading your blog! I can mentally picture Ash and the fly. Great stuff! Also can't wait to hear about your mom's present. Definitely take lots of pics. It'll be so nice for you to have all your sisters back together with your mom. CHEERS!!!

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