Nov 10, 2010

there's something in the air

Why do I always feel like going on a massive shopping spree this time of year? Must be something about trading my summer wardrobe out for sweaters, scarfs and boots. Any time I start moving things in my closet around, I always seem to want to go shopping for new stuff.

Aside from clothes, I'd love to go crazy at the book store. Maybe just one new book will satisfy my craving to shop.


PS- I registered for classes this morning and managed to secure a spot in all the classes I needed to get in. Score! Can you believe I actually almost forgot to register?! Seriously. I'm losing it!

Now, it's time to set up for the book sale. Totally not looking forward to it. It's going to be an all day thing. At least lunch is catered. Hopefully that will get me through because I have to work at the computer lab until midnight tonight.


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