Nov 24, 2010

Mauney Crazy

Yes, I put up the Christmas tree. I couldn't resist. I haven't put up the rest of the holiday decorations though. Those can wait until after I've gorged myself on Thanksgiving goodness.


The second I got out the Christmas tree (which is fake) Mauney perked right up. While we were assembling the tree she took the liberty of laying claim to the empty tree box.


Then Maun decided to have a party with the tree skirt- which she does every year.


If I had a nickle for the number of times I have to straighten the tree skirt every year, I'd be rich.


Not only that but she has a thing with the ornaments. This morning I found three that she'd swatted off the branches and scattered around the living room. When her and Ash were babies they were partner's in crime. Mauney would swat an ornament off the tree and then Ash would scoop it up and I'd find it all slobbery and ruined in her mouth a little while later. Many an ornament has found it's way to ornament heaven that way.

Anyway, Maun was on one and she still is. She commandeered Ash's bed tonight and I don't think she's giving it back any time soon.


Did I mention that a couple of weeks ago Corey found a Mauney surprise in his dresser drawer?


What a crazy cat!


Happy Thanksgiving!!




Cute tree!


OMG I love it! How have I missed all of these posts? I love your tree and your Mauney is hilarious! Joe and I just put our tree up and Panda was totally in the box before we could do anything with the tree. Cats are so crazy like that.

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