Nov 28, 2010

Pigs Flew

Well, it's a miracle. Never thought I'd see both Mauney and Henry sleeping peacefully in the same room. They're mortal enemies and if they're ever in the same room, they're fighting.

Corey called me in his room to check out the little furball that had taken up residence in his top dresser drawer.

That's when I noticed two eyes peering out from under the covers on his bed.

Surprised the heck out of us to see the both of them just snoozing away totally unaware of the other one.

I made chicken with chile-lime sauce for dinner tonight. I think I'll serve it with the squash that Andy cooked up. Andy and I are starting P90X next week, so this will be the last week that we can eat whatever we want!

The snow has been falling all day long and it's so absolutely gorgeous. I wonder if I'll still love it at six am tomorrow morning. Here comes Monday!! Goodbye glorious vacation!




OMG I swear everyone I know is doing P90X or one of those other workout programs that company does. HA HA HA!!! Let me know how it goes though. FYI you do NOT need to do P90X... It's not like you need to lose any weight. OY! HA HA HA! I'm sure you'll kick some butt though. :) Your kitties are super cute!!! Love them!

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