Nov 10, 2010

Check, check...check it out!

In case you didn't know, I work on campus in the library. I work as the Digitizer for Special Collections and Archiving. What does that mean? Well....I take all of the cool things that Special Collections and Archives is storing and digitize it. Digitizing means a lot of scanning, transcribing, metadata, and everything else that goes into getting everything digitally available to the public.

Anyway, the digitization department only opened in 2007. So for the last three years, the department has been working around the clock to pull slides, documents, diaries, photo albums, reel to reels, and tapes out of the archives and get them digitally up to date. It's a daunting task that will never end.

My point-Remember the website we were trying to get up for work? Well, it's up and we're all pretty excited about it. There are still a ton of things to be added, but it's a constant project and always will be, as we add new things to our collection.

So for those of you that care, I thought I'd tell you a little bit about the site. If you're from Utah then the collections will be a lot more cool to you as they pertain to Utah history.

Okay...yada yada... here's the site:

If you're so inclined feel to free to click around in there. There are a ton of cool things to check out. I'll just give a brief description of the collections that we currently have added to the site.

The featured project is the WWII Collection. This collection includes photographs of troops in Ogden and photographs and interviews concerning the POW camp at the Depot.

Community Collection: This is one of my favorite collections. It includes photographs of schools and churches in Ogden and a collection of Diaries of a prominent doctor in Utah that we transcribed.

Dee Collection: The Dee's were a very important family in Ogden (Dee Hospital.) The collection includes their marriage register, correspondence, family photos, as well as an oral history of interviews conducted with some of the Dee Nursing students and their experiences in the Dee Nursing school.

David Eccles Collection: If you live in Ogden then you've most likely heard the name Eccles. The collection includes their LDS church correspondence, business correspondence and personal correspondence.

Utah Construction Collection: Sounds boring right? It's actually pretty cool. Check it out for scrapbooks of the construction of the Hoover Dam and Feather River as well as Railroad Construction.

Weber State University Collection: Basically a collection of the history of the University.

Anyway, just thought I'd put that out there since I've been talking about how busy I've been with work lately. The website is just one tiny part of what I've had to work on. It's very rewarding to have it up and available to the public now.




Kim! I just got lost in all the awesome letterhead and lovely handwriting of the Eccles Papers collection. The very first image it showed me was the letterhead of the Amalgamated Sugar Company. I am pretty sure my grandmother worked there when she was young. Thank you for sharing.


You're so welcome! I'm glad someone can appreciate the awesomeness- haha!

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