Oct 6, 2010

Fall decorating....

I love decorating the house when fall comes! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for.

But I have a little problem-- since moving into this house, I've realized that none of my holiday decorations are really "fitting" anywhere. You know how you live somewhere for a long time and each decoration kind of has a place? I remember when my mom would get out the decorations and we would all help put them up. Everything had its special place and we all knew where everything went. If anything got moved, it just didn't seem like 'home.'

So I have all these decorations that fit perfectly in my old house, but not so well in the new house. And that means I'm feeling a little lost in decorating this year. I've only really got the front porch and front door done and set out a couple of things in the house. I need to regroup and come up with a new decorating game plan.

Anyway...........................that brings me to my point. I decided to scout around for some inspiration. Boy, did I find it! At Thrifty Decor Chick. Check out how she decorated her stairs for fall:

Those adorable mice are just vinyl decals that can be removed when the holidays are over!

Now, isn't that just stinkin' cute?!

Talk about inspiration. You can read about her full transformation here. You can also read about how she got rid of the carpet on her stairs and transformed it into the beauty it is now! Love it!





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