Aug 10, 2010


So yeah, life has been pretty hectic lately. I kinda got surprised with a super awesome job offer a few weeks ago. So for the last two weeks I've been spending all of my time trying to absorb everything I can before the girl I'm replacing leaves.

Currently I'm at that new job stage where you're given a task to do and instead of getting down to business, you first have to sit and stare for ten minutes while you process all the steps you have to go through in your mind asking yourself "Okay, what do I do next and how do I do that?" Then you have to try to implement all the things you rushed through during training.

I realize this little hump will pass and I'll be zipping around the digital program, our three different servers, and the paper files in no time. But for now, it's slow going and I find myself getting temporarily frustrated because I just want to be good at my job, right now!

Not only that but I've been doing a lot of extra work for my other boss to help get ready for our annual training day.

Needless to say, much of my free time has been spent creating, editing, researching, discussing, brainstorming, and pulling my hair out while grinning ear to ear. I really do love these new goodies in my life.

I've been realizing for some time that the summer was slowly getting away from me but I haven't been able to do much about it. Classes will be starting in less than two weeks and I'm feeling a bit mushy in the brain about it. I'm not too excited about trying to get settled into classes, develop and discipling myself to stick to a homework schedule as well as try to get comfortable in my new position.

When I get home at night, I can't think, I can't be creative anymore, and I can't possibly come up with a decent blog post to entertain you all. So for now, I'm not taking a blogging break (because then I may never come back!) I'm just going in to chill mode for awhile. I'll be focusing on classes and work and posting when I have enough energy to. I think that's a better plan than just posting something blah just for the sake of posting, don't you?




Get your mind fresh and come back when you can! We'll be here for you.


Sounds like you have a lot going on. I hate starting a new job and having to learn everything. I'm the same way, I want to be good at the job right away.

Thanks for the comment on my blog btw. Glad I'm not alone, but sorry you're going through the same thing.


AH I have been missing reading your blog. Life is quite busy over here too so I totally feel you on a nice well deserved break. Take time for you, enjoy what summer you have left and enjoy these awesome jobs you have. It's great when you can love what you do and school is just another step to get you closer to that. You're awesome! Love you bunches and miss you tons... :)

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