Sep 4, 2009

Henry loves Ash

So Henry and Ash are best buddies now. Henry follows Ash around the backyard sniffing at whatever she sniffs at. Then they both settle down on the deck for some afternoon sunbathing or napping.

Everytime we look out the window they are curled up together in the exact same position. It's seriously the cutest thing ever.

Henry's taken his love affair with Ash, one step further. He has begun accompanying Ash on her nightly walks around the block.

If we start out without him, he'll cry and cry at the door until you let him out. Then he pads along behind us on the sidewalk. Ocassionally he'll stop to check something out and we'll have to turn around and say 'Henry! Keep up with us!' And if you don't turn around and wait for him, he'll sit down on the sidewalk and cry loudly until you stop.

We decided that his
Love Language is Quality Time & Attention, just like mine. He is always begging for you to give him some love.

Last night, however, marked the end of his excursions. He scared me so bad when he ran out in the middle of the road and almost became a pancake!! Boy did he get scolded when we got home.

He's not going to like being banned from our walks but it makes me too nervous to have him running around like that. I think I might have to get a wagon to cart him around in or a collar and a leash, if we want to let him come on our walks anymore. That would sure be a sight!


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