Sep 21, 2009


Anyone know how to eliminate stress headaches? Besides the obvious of course.

This headache has gotten persistently bad throughout today. I wouldn't say I'm under a lot of stress though. I just think. A LOT.

Today I've had several things on my Mental To Do list and while they're not stressful, they're still there. It seems that when that list isn't empty, I can expect that headache to be right around the corner.

It's silly how anxious of a person I am and how I anticipate everything to no end. I think that's what works me up. I can't just put something on my to do list and then come back to it at a later date. I have to dwell on it until I complete it.

This is extremely exhausting. Has anyone found ways to keep themselves from dwelling on things or stressing about them?

This headache has got to go!!


Krystyna Lizabeth.

calm down. take a deep breath. take a nap or find something else to relax.

and if all else fails, a million tylenol or advil!

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